Sustaining the Magic


Kids love to have fun driving our solar powered cars at Junior Driving School LEGOLAND Florida 

We make it fun at our low carbon (BREEAM Excellence) LEGOLAND Windsor hotel



It is more fun at our UK resorts* where waste to landfill is zero.

*Chessington World of adventure Resort, Thorpe Park Resort, Legoland 

We reuse aquarium water at the London aquarium as part of our water conservation commitment


Merlin Entertainments Environmental policy


Merlin Entertainments recognises that its operations impact upon the environment and that effective management of the impact is essential for sustainable business success. We are committed to regular monitoring, auditing and reviewing our activities and identifying opportunities for sustainable environmental improvement, in line with our strategic business goals and in order to minimise the potentially harmful effects of such activity.

Specifically, we will:

  • Comply with all relevant legislation and where appropriate and practicable, exceed these requirements and apply best practice.
  • Promote a culture of environmental responsibility and awareness through the group sustainability team who will be responsible for implementing the policy with the support of regional and local sustainability contacts to ensure a consistent corporate operating standard.
  • Promote communication of our environment sustainability initiatives (water reduction, energy reduction, awareness campaign and recycling to guests, employees, contractors and suppliers).
  • Encourage business partners to carry out their activities in an environmentally responsible manner, and where appropriate, make this a condition for business relationship
  • Further develop our excellent standards on managing marine habitat and wildlife, applying best practice across the Group’s animal collections.
  • Management of impacts on biodiversity from our projects by carrying out environmental impact assessments.
  • Plan practical and cost-effective water, waste and energy conservation and pollution control measures through energy reduction, water management, effluent management, waste reduction, recycling and diversion from landfill in order to minimize environmental impacts associated with the Group’s operations.
  • Encourage regular investments in environmental initiatives such as low carbon and renewable technologies, energy efficiencies projects, improved water management and recycling facilities.
  • Measure, monitor and make public our annual carbon emission with set carbon reduction target of at least 2% year on year on our base year emission (2014) using revenue as the intensity metric. (A 2% annual reduction target will be set for water and waste from 2016 based on our 2015 data also using revenue as our intensity metric).
  • Work with stakeholders to minimize the impact of our products and services by incorporating carbon reduction initiatives in design of products and services as well as encourage innovative product development, supply chain management and end-of-life recycling.
  • Strive to continually improve our environmental performance and minimize the impact of our activities by periodically reviewing our environmental policy at Board level in light of our current and planned future activities to ensure our strategic business growth is sustainable.


Signed by the Chief Executive Office

Policy Date is November 2015