Merlin brands have helped make us a global leader in location based, family entertainment. We are unique in that we operate across different formats, which can be split into two categories; theme parks and Gateway Attractions. Our theme parks are larger outdoor venues which can be explored over multiple days and incorporate on-site themed accommodation. These include two Operating Groups: LEGOLAND Parks and Resort Theme Parks.

Gateway Attractions are mostly indoor attractions with chainable brands, offering a wide range of experiences. We operate over 120 Gateway Attractions in more than 20 countries around the world. Many of our attractions offer food and drink, as well as retail spaces and photography services to help customers capture their memories.

Working across all brands is Merlin Magic Making, our unique in-house creative and project delivery team. Drawing on their wide-ranging insight and expertise, they design and deliver world-class attractions and hotels, weaving their magic to create amazing, immersive guest experiences. All our operations and projects are supported by a strong bench of technical experts and experienced engineers.