Card empowers children to learn about the ocean and 20% of proceeds go to SEA LIFE TRUST

Yoto, the interactive audio platform for kids and creator of the critically acclaimed and award-winning Yoto Player and Yoto Mini, today announced the continuation of its global partnership with Merlin Entertainments and its marine conservation charity, SEA LIFE TRUST, with the launch of the BrainBots: Sea Defenders card in the U.S. BrainBots: Sea Defenders is an audio adventure that teaches kids about the importance of our oceans as well as how to protect them and enables children to bring the wonder and education of their aquatic experiences at Merlin’s SEA LIFE Aquariums home with them.

Inspired by Merlin Entertainments’ SEA LIFE Sea Defender Teacher Resources, the Yoto Originals team worked closely with SEA LIFE Aquariums and SEA LIFE TRUST to develop the content in this educational audio adventure, ensuring it sparked curiosity and a deeper appreciation for our oceans in kids, while also providing them with everyday actions they can take to help preserve marine environments.

The story includes the BrainBots crew, Nellie, Buzz and Gibbs, as they embark on an underwater mission to undergo training for their Sea Defenders upgrade. Together, the BrainBots venture into the depths of our planet’s oceans and learn what we can do to protect them. The story features characters based on real SEA LIFE animals, including Dougie the Sea Turtle in Costa Rica, Jazz the Seahorse in England and Wilma the Zebra Shark in Australia. The audio card takes kids on a hilarious fact-filled adventure to learn all about our oceans and how to become a Sea Defender. Kids ages six and up can test their knowledge at the end of the card to see how many BrainBank facts they can remember!

“The expansion of our partnership with SEA LIFE and Merlin Entertainments to the U.S. underscores Yoto’s commitment to children learning through play. We believe teaching kids about marine conservation is an important part of raising environmentally conscious individuals who can help preserve our oceans and marine ecosystems. We admire the impact our partners make through their network of aquariums and sanctuaries and see the launch of the Brainbots: Sea Defenders card as a natural extension for children to keep exploring and learning about our oceans from home.”

Sarah Natchez, Yoto’s North America Managing Director

"Merlin's SEA LIFE Aquariums are the world's largest network of aquariums and we are grateful to leverage the Yoto platform to create engaging and immersive marine experiences that inspire our visitors to become future ambassadors for preserving and protecting marine life in the world's waters. We continue to advocate and be the leading voice for conservation, rescue and rehabilitation. It is inspiring to partner with Yoto as we share similar ambition, passion and vision. This is our first partnership across all of our SEA LIFE Aquariums in North America as we join forces with our SEA LIFE TRUST charity to launch the BrainBots: Sea Defenders card. Yoto's innovative card marks the continuation of our educational and immersive journey for families and children, extending the impact even after they bid farewell to our expert curators and diverse marine life.”

Scott O'Neil, CEO of Merlin Entertainments

"I’m absolutely thrilled to embark on the second phase of our collaboration with Yoto and Merlin Entertainments, as we actively contribute to the early education of our children on the importance of conserving our natural marine environments. This initiative ensures that our oceans have a strong and healthy future. Beyond education, it's about instilling our key values: to inspire, create amazing discoveries, and share knowledge. We eagerly anticipate the progress of this journey together and extend a huge thank you to the Yoto team for their valued support of the SEA LIFE TRUST in this exciting collaboration."

Graham McGrath, Head of the SEA LIFE TRUST

The BrainBots: Sea Defenders card is available today for $9.99 at and SEA LIFE Aquariums. Twenty percent of all profits from the card will be donated to protecting our oceans through the SEA LIFE TRUST. The BrainBots: Sea Defenders card will be available at all SEA LIFE locations in the U.S., including Tempe (Arizona), Charlotte-Concord (North Carolina), Grapevine (Texas), Kansas City (Missouri), Auburn Hills (Michigan), Bloomington (Minnesota), Orlando (Florida), San Antonio (Texas), East Rutherford (New Jersey), and Carlsbad (California). 

The SEA LIFE Trust works globally to protect the world’s oceans and the amazing marine life that lives within them, envisioning a world where our oceans are healthy, properly protected and full of diverse life. The charity supports the need for plastic-free oceans and an end to over-exploitation of marine life through our global projects and campaigns, as well as at our marine animal sanctuaries.