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With a year of truly unmissable events!

With over 30 thrilling rides, attractions and a whole host of brand new immersive events launching throughout the season, Thorpe Park Resort is alive like no other UK destination and is a must-visit for those looking to share endless fun with friends and family.

In 2019 join us for a season of fun, thrills and laughter with intense coaster action, unmissable events and unforgettable Island memories. From 6th April – 31st May only, join us over in the gaming arena for our brand new GameFX powered by HYPD! Practice your eSports skills across multiple consoles and games, immerse yourself in nostalgia as you reignite your childhood in the retro gaming area and defy your senses and push yourself to the limit as you engage with the latest virtual reality tech.

Can you Escape the Jungle?

In summer 2019, select only your bravest and most daring friends as you enter the depths of the unforgiving undergrowth in Jungle Escape. Engage your senses, prime your wit and unleash your strength as you undergo a series of testing rituals before facing off with your rivals to ultimately decide which team will leave victorious and which will be banished from the Jungle forever.

Decode the clues, test your physical limits and prove yourself worthy of joining the Jungle Clan in this new for 2019 live adventure game!

BounceZilla – It Bites Back!

It’s BIG, it’s BOLD and it’s definitely BOUNCY! Bouncing into THORPE PARK Resort 25th May – 8th September, BounceZilla is the 90m inflatable course that BITES BACK! Ditch your shoes, assemble your team and prepare yourself for loudest, most outrageous and brilliantly bonkers inflatable course in the UK! Bounce past obstacles, tumble through tunnels and slide your way to the finish!


In 2019, brace yourself as a familiar evil consumes the Island once again. Taking over again this September and October, prepare to be scared senseless at the UK’s premier Halloween event with the return of our award-winning live-action mazes and experiences as well as riding world-class rides in the dead of night.

Thorpe Park Resort is open from 29 March to 3 November 2019*. Visit for more information and to book tickets.

For more information please contact:

01494 413170