SEA LIFE is the world’s largest family of aquariums. We help 23 million guests a year to make amazing discoveries through our global SEA LIFE attractions. We have a network of zoologists, marine biologists, aquarists and industry experts, who we call the Conservation, Welfare and Engagement (CWE) team. Their goal is to inspire guests to fall in love with our oceans and protect marine life.


Conservation of marine life is at the heart of SEA LIFE CWE's work. Our experts partner up with universities, research centres and community programmes all over the world. Our projects help ensure creatures are being cared for in the wild, as well as bringing amazing discoveries to life in our centres.


SEA LIFE cares for over 160,000 animals and over 4,000 different species. Our teams look after ethical sourcing, scientific research, rehoming and rescues, and breeding programmes. Every year, we breed over 3,500 animals, rescue around 200 seals and turtles, and release over 150 animals into the wild. Our work has a positive long-term impact on the conservation of threatened species.


We want to inspire our guests to support the work that we do to benefit the marine environment. To do this, our experts look at new ways in which creatures, display techniques and technology can create the most engaging and enlightening experiences. They also spread the message about conservation and welfare work, including world-firsts like the SEA LIFE TRUST Beluga Whale Sanctuary in Iceland.

Watch this short film to get an insight into the work of SEA LIFE CWE.