We believe a thriving hospitality and tourism sector is a cornerstone to any economy. It's often the principal industry within certain areas. Many young people start their working life in this industry and we're proud to be their springboard into many rewarding careers.

Investing in our people

Merlin employs c.30,000  passionate people who are dedicated and committed to delighting our guests. We invest in their training and development, and offer opportunities to learn valuable skill sets on the job. For younger people, our Accelerate graduate programme offers the opportunity to experience many roles in several locations, while our apprenticeships provide practical experience and the chance to learn skills in specific professions.

Contributing locally

In many locations, we contribute significantly to the local economy through employment, local procurement, while supporting other local enterprises and services through generating consistent flows of tourists. Wherever we operate, we aim to be an integrated partner to our immediate communities, protecting our environments and investing in local initiatives.

Taking a leadership position in our industry

We're proud to be a member of UK Hospitality and the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions.

We actively participate in developing policy and legislation at both a national and local level. To promote effective, considered policy-making and attract greater investment into our sector, we play a key role within our trade associations, and frequently share information and best practice.