Safety is our number one priority. It’s engrained in all we do and central to our values and principles. We call this safety-first approach Protecting the Magic.

Protecting the Magic

Protecting the Magic is about driving a positive, proactive culture of safety across our attractions and theme parks. It helps our leaders, people and business partners identify and manage risks effectively, prevent accidents and deliver unforgettable guest experiences.

We focus all our energy on looking after our guests, colleagues, contractors and the animals in our care. Our mission is clear – to always ensure we're Protecting the Magic every day through world class people and practices.

Our Six Spells for Safety

To Protect the Magic, everyone at Merlin applies our ‘Six Spells for Safety’. It's a simple step-by-step reminder of what everyone can do to help, whatever their role or responsibility.

  • Use your head: Think ‘safety first’ before starting every task
  • Be on guard: Keep guests, colleagues and animals safe
  • Do it right: Follow all safety rules and practices
  • Take a minute: Always keep your work area safe, secure and tidy
  • Tell us now: Report anything unsafe ask if you’re ever unsure
  • Help us all: Share your ideas for improving safety
Our safety culture

We're dedicated to going beyond legal compliance and delivering world-class Health, Safety and Security standards that continuously raise the bar.

These are embedded in the organisation through protocol, processes and communications, supported by a central team of health and safety experts. To learn more, read our guide to Health, Safety and Security below and visit where both employee and contractor handbooks are accessible. 

Governance and standards

Our Health, Safety & Security Committee meets regularly in order to review health and safety performance and set out our strategy.

We have a well-developed and systematic approach to the management of risks, in line with the endorsed model of the UK regulator – the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). A similar international standard has also been established and progress against KPIs is part of our Annual Report.


Industry Safety Associations

To design and set new safety standards and requirements we work with industry partners, nationally and internationally.

We're active members of the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA), the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). This means that we are represented on their respective Health & Safety Management Committees or Technical Sub-Committees.

We also take part in the United Kingdom’s Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS). Thorough ride inspections are carried out by competent and independent inspection bodies registered with ADIPS Ltd (which is managed by the Amusement Device Safety Council); or similar independent inspection bodies outside the UK.

To support or monitor our Health, Safety and Security programme, we frequently liaise with organisations including:

  • Health and Safety Enforcement Agencies
  • Public Health Inspectors
  • Police and Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Local Emergency Services
Trespass Injunction

Merlin Entertainments Group has obtained a High Court injunction in order to deter unauthorised access into any of its attractions. 

Following several instances of repeated and reckless trespass at some of its properties, Merlin Entertainments Group were granted an injunction at the High Court of Justice in London on 30th May 2018.

In respect of it properties within England and Wales, the injunction applies to the three named individuals on the Court Order, together with those who trespassed with them but remain unidentified, as well as any person that may attempt to trespass in the future.

The three named individuals, and those unidentified associates, are also forbidden from entering any of Merlin Entertainments’ properties worldwide without written prior permission.

Merlin Entertainments Group take matters regarding safety and security extremely seriously and will continue to ensure that robust measures are in place to protect our visitors, employees and properties, in order to deter other individuals and groups from engaging in dangerous or reckless activities of this nature.

Full details of the Court Order, and a list of all the properties to which it applies worldwide, can be found in the supporting documentation set out below.

Document downloads

A guide to Health, Safety and Security

Published on 03 January 2017

HSS Committee Terms of Reference

Published on 10 January 2018

Trespass Injunction

Published on 25 May 2018