Our strategic vision is to create a high growth, high return, family entertainment company based on strong brands and a global portfolio that is naturally balanced against the impact of external factors.

Our purpose is to deliver memorable experiences to our guests. Unforgettable memories to be shared at the school gates, on social media or on the journey home.

In a busy and increasingly fragmented world, time is at a premium. Especially time together with family and friends. At Merlin, we're all about making that time magical.


1. Attractive market fundamentals

We operate in an attractive market

Our markets enjoy underlying growth. Disposable incomes are increasing worldwide and ever greater value is being placed upon shared experiences with friends and family. The visitor attraction market is fragmented, allowing for M&A opportunities, and enjoys high barriers to entry.

2. Portfolio and brands

We have a diversified portfolio of world class brands and assets

We own iconic assets and brands, and we have proven success in partnering with third-party Intellectual Property owners. Our portfolio is balanced by geography, attraction format and customer demographic.

3. Multiple growth levers

We have multiple levers for growth

Our six strategic growth drivers foresee growth in both our existing portfolio of sites, as well as through the opening of new attractions and accommodation. This is supported by our in-house operational, marketing and creative expertise globally.

4. Financial and investment discipline

We have strict financial discipline and investment criteria

Capital allocation decisions are made subject to strict investment criteria, with cash generation from existing attractions used to open new sites. We have a strong balance sheet, and have a multi-year cost efficiency programme underway. 

5. Being a Force for Good

We are committed to Being a Force for Good

We take our responsibilities to our people, our guests and the planet seriously, and we adhere to high standards of health and safety, governance and welfare. We are advocates for diversity, inclusion and conservation.