Chessington World of Adventures

Take a safari truck expedition into the mysterious African Kingdom with Zufari: Ride into Africa – the first ever theme park adventure with live animals including white rhino, giraffes and Grevy's zebra. Or explore Chessington’s nine other themed lands: Africa; the Forbidden Kingdom, with the awesome Rameses Revenge; Land of the Dragons; Mexicana; Mystic East; Pirate’s Cove; Transylvania; Wild Asia and Market Square – all with their own secrets and exciting challenges! Take time to meet the 1000 animals at Chessington Zoo from the exotic and endangered to the just plain cute! Whether it is mischievous meerkats or the majestic lions, tigers and gorillas in the Trail of the Kings, we guarantee there will be something to stop you in your tracks…

With so many wild and wonderful things to do and see at Chessington, why not turn a day out into a break away and stay a night or two at the Chessington Resort's safari-themed Hotel, with its views of the giraffes, zebras and scimitar horned oryx roaming freely across the Wanyama Village and Reserve. It's the ultimate room with a zoo!

Our new Chessington Azteca Hotel opened in August 2014! Explore the mysteries of the ancient Aztec temple ruins, overlooking mischievous monkeys and colourful birds, and encounter some of the jungle’s most exotic creatures in this wild and wonderfully themed hotel.