The Merlin Engineering Academy is a revolutionary initiative by Merlin Entertainments aimed at providing specialised training for engineers within the theme park industry. With partnerships with esteemed educational institutions and a focus on innovation, the academy is poised to shape the future of theme park engineering.

The Merlin Engineering Academy marks a significant leap forward in the field of engineering education.

The cutting-edge three-year programme, tailored for aspiring engineers who dream of crafting the world of entertainment, offers the chance to dive into an immersive learning journey that combines in-depth theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical experience. The Engineering Academy also offers comprehensive training programs specifically designed to empower Merlin’s existing engineers with the knowledge to upskill and excel in their careers.

The field of engineering is constantly evolving with new technologies and methodologies emerging regularly and the new Engineering Academy allows Merlin’s engineers to receive the latest information, allowing them to remain relevant and effectively apply the latest tools and techniques.

Collaborating with prominent educational institutions including the esteemed JCB Academy, New City College (East London/Essex), and East Surrey College, the Merlin Engineering Academy is poised to become the premier hub for theme park engineering excellence.