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Name: Miguel Velez

Job title: Senior Environmental Manager

Location: LEGOLAND Florida Resort

Area: Operations

Current role?

My role as Senior Environmental Manager at LEGOLAND Florida Resort is all about sustainable development, resource conservation and waste reduction. I measure current sustainability practices, lead the implementation of environmental policies and practices, and take responsibility for sustainable procurement for all goods and services. Whether guest-facing, behind-the-scenes or within the local community, our goal is to make a positive difference.

Best part of working for Merlin?

I've worked in the hospitality and theme park industry for 16 years. The one thing that sets Merlin apart is opportunity. Whether by delivering a strong foundation for people to progress, or giving them the tools they need to do their job's professional needs, Merlin shows that it truly values its people.

How have you made a difference?

We've become one of the main flagships within Merlin regarding sustainability. I'm also proud to have taken my former role within the Grounds team and created a brand-new department within Operations. Creating career aspirations for this group is definitely one of the highlights I cherish.

Timeline in Merlin:

  • Senior Environmental Manager at LEGOLAND Florida: Present
  • Waste & Environmental Manager at LEGOLAND Florida: 2017
  • Waste & Environmental Supervisor at LEGOLAND Florida: 2016
  • Grounds Supervisor, Operations at LEGOLAND Florida: 2016
  • Hotel Front Desk Supervisor at LEGOLAND Florida: 2015
  • Attractions Supervisor at LEGOLAND Florida: 2014