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Everyone Matters at Merlin

At Merlin we welcome the world to our magical attractions and resorts every day and we want to reflect that same multicultural mix inside our business too.

We strive to create an inclusive and diverse workplace where people can be themselves, have the same opportunities and thrive together. Because at Merlin, everyone matters!

Together, we work to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, no matter their age, race, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

Although we understand that we'll always be learning and growing, we aim to be the most inclusive and flexible employer in our industry. We do this by:

Finding the best people and making it work for them

Its our aim to find ways to say yes to dynamic work arrangements for our employees. We create a nurturing culture, where everyone can be their truest self.

Ensuring cultural and ethnic leadership in our teams

As were a global company, our strength lies in having a balance of national and cultural diversity in our senior management and local teams.

Gender balance in all teams

We aim to have gender balance in all teams. We seek out talented women and support their career development, leading by example with visible role-models from the top of the organisation and through mentorship programmes.

We will support our people, so they CAN support you

Our staff are passionate about creating the best possible experience for everyone. We will train our employees, so they feel confident in helping all our guests, delivering a world-class service, with empathy and lots of fun along the way.

We aspire to be an inclusive and accessible company to work for. Together we will keep learning and continue to challenge ourselves to be the best we can be for all.

We make work adjustments to accommodate people and have good relationships with many relevant organisations such as the Business Disability Forum and the Valuable 500. We want to keep on improving accessibility and maximise the potential of all our employees.

Zero tolerance – 100% fun

We have a very simple statement at Merlin:

We have 0% tolerance of any form of abusive behaviour – so we can all concentrate on having 100% fun.

This film makes it crystal clear on our stance towards any form of abusive behaviour.

ENEI – Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion

Merlin are global members of the ENEI and share their mission of valuing difference in the workplace. We work with them to drive best practise in our diversity and Inclusion activities and their expertise and cutting-edge research supports us to strive towards our vision of being the most inclusive and flexible employer in our industry.