We're always searching for new opportunities to create magical experiences across the globe.

We understand that location-based family leisure activities are extremely valuable to commercial environments and the regional development plans of government. They're also key to intellectual property holders who want to build brand engagement.

Wherever we place our world renowned brands, we can truly differentiate the location. Merlin attractions are unique within their catchment area, and through brand investment and marketing support, can significantly increase the geographical relevancy and awareness of a site.

Through successful partnerships, and through selective acquisitions, we can continue to find new markets to delight guests with fantastic, immersive experiences.

Partner Structures

We have a range of structures available to suit Merlin and our potential partners:

Merlin Fully Owned

Our preferred structure, this arrangement has Merlin as a tenant, supported by a development contribution from a landlord. This method favours established markets with existing Merlin presence.

Joint Venture

New or secondary markets may need capital, support, and expertise from a local partner in order to facilitate our entry.  In return, we can offer a share in the business with a view to forging a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.

Management Contract

Our operational expertise and broad capabilities make us a strong partner to maximise the potential of attractions through management arrangements.  We are well positioned to manage a wide variety of businesses across the globe on behalf of our partners, both our own brands and the brands of others.


The strength and world-class reputation of our brands mean they are attractive opportunities for franchisees.  Merlin brands have a proven record of driving significant footfall to larger leisure, resort or retail destinations. We can provide a local partner support across a range of disciplines including design, delivery, marketing and operations.

The local partner benefits from this knowledge and is able to operate the business under license from Merlin.  Franchises will be considered for markets where Merlin does not have a current or planned presence.

Licensing Agreement

It's becoming increasingly more important for intellectual property owners to meet consumer needs by providing experiential opportunities to engage with their favourite products.

We work with some of the world’s greatest IP holders to deliver these experiences, and we cultivate enduring brand engagement beyond what’s possible in a shop, or on a screen. View our IP partnerships page to see how we can help extend brands through world class attraction experiences.



We operate in a fragmented market, which provides Merlin with scope to acquire businesses that complement our strategic objectives. Operating a diversified portfolio catering to different market segments, together with our global footprint means we're uniquely placed to consider acquisition opportunities.

For example, we recently acquired the Coex Aquarium in Seoul, one of the largest aquariums in South Korea. We also acquire operating licenses for attractions, such as Cadbury World in the Birmingham, UK and This Is Holland in Amsterdam, Holland.