About Us

Our business

Merlin Entertainments is the largest European entertainments company operating in Europe. Merlin now operates over 120 attractions, 18 hotels and 6 holiday villages in 25 countries across 4 continents. Our aim is to deliver unique, memorable and rewarding experiences to millions of visitors across our growing estate. We believe that we achieve this objective largely thanks to the commitment and passion of our team and the strength of our brands, which will never fail to be distinctive, challenging and innovative. In every respect and to every group of stakeholders, Merlin will always be an exciting company to be involved with.

Our passion

We are first and foremost an entertainment company. Our passion is putting smiles (or screams) on people’s faces and giving our customers memorable experiences. Through creativity and a relentless drive for excellence we aim to immerse our visitors in our brands, constantly delighting them and enriching their understanding through fun learning. In simple terms, we love what we do!

Our vision

Our vision is to become the worldwide leader in branded, location-based, family entertainment.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to create a high growth, high return, family entertainment company based on strong brands and a portfolio that is naturally balanced against the impact of external factors.