Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle is not your average castle. It is full to the turrets with dramatic shows, interactive experiences, storytelling, demonstrations, activities and more.

Visit Warwick Castle and you will see great halls, beautiful landscapes, mournful dungeons and high towers - but you'll also see people having fun, laughing and being amazed. We have eleven hundred years of history, but also great battles, ancient myths, spellbinding tales, pampered princesses, heroic knights, Merlin's Dragon, and the dark Castle Dungeons.

Warwick Castle's ‘Unlocked’ opens up four centuries of secret stories in never-before-seen rooms. The ancient chambers shed light on the defining chapters in Warwick Castle’s past to reveal tales of battles, sieges, murders, power struggles and hauntings!

Experience a unique starlit woodland family sleepover like no other as Mediaeval Glamping returns to Warwick Castle for 2014!  Glamping stands for 'glamorous camping' and is for people who want to combine the fun and freedom of camping but with a touch of luxury!  The Glampsite is only 5 minutes from the Castle and is located in a beautiful woodland glade.  Mediaeval Glamping is normal Glamping but with our own Warwick Castle twist!  Fully set-up, ready-to-sleep Mediaeval Tents along with evening entertainment, a Grand Banqueting tent, onsite toilets and heated showers, priority entrance and a host of other great guest benefits!  "The 'Glamping' experience is something everyone must try"